Across the miles…and the decades

March 31, 2017

We recently received the following email from G., a former student of the Sisters of St. Ann at Holy Cross Mission in Alaska. She would have attended Holy Cross during the 1940s.

“To thank you and your order for all you have done for the children in Alaska. There are those of us who have very fond memories of Holy Cross Mission and the Sisters of St. Ann. You could not pay me enough money to do the job that they faced every day, for years.

I was four years old when my father sent me there; my sisters and brothers were already there. I was the youngest then with one small girl a year older than I was. We keep in touch to this day. The nuns called us the cradle twins. E. is now 81 and I just turned 80. She raised her children in Oregon and I in Ohio.

We are well aware of the wonderful education we got. It surpassed what I could see out here back in the 60s. Yes, I made it a point to send my children to Catholic school. I kept in touch with a couple of the nuns till there time was up on earth and still keep in touch with at least one Jesuit, he is now going on 92  years of age.

We, growing up, worked, played hard and slept well. Most importantly, we were always safe. We thank God that you were in our lives. God love you and so do we.”


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