Julie Cormier of Peacequest Victoria On Kids For Peace Yay! – A School-Wide Play

February 10, 2015

What a spectacular theatrical production by St. Joseph’s Elementary school!

Within five months, the Kids for Peace Yay! play came together. Everything started with a team of clowns welcoming the audience of parents and community members. Each class paraded into the gymnasium, one by one, with a peace chant, dance or creative expression. Grade 4 class students carried large cut-out letters that spelled out Kids for Peace Yay! They played around trying to get the letters in the right order, as two talented hip- hop dancers entertained the crowd. The school band then broke out into a beautiful symphonic peace song. The core actors came running in and steered our attention to the projected images of world leaders on the wall. Powerful letters asking for peace were read out to the leaders. While a cello played, a series of monologues of the angel children – the expressions of children who died in war – commenced and brought to us a perspective of the gravity of war and its consequences. At the end of the play was a final  demand made to world leaders of “ TAKE DOWN THE DARKNESS AND BRING UP THE BRIGHTNESS”, at which point the lights went out and the entire school waved glow sticks together.

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