June 14, 2017

The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various native peoples for spirituality, health and healing.  It embodies the four directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth and animals as messengers of healing.

On home soil, we are blessed to have a native elder with us who can share her tradition in a way that is both stimulating and life giving.  Sister Dorothy Bob, who grew up in Lillooet, has a unique way of talking and sharing about her native tradition. She is a story teller and captures people’s attention with her deep, quiet, and often humorous energy. She has created her own personal Medicine Wheel to enhance her teaching.  Even though Dorothy claims not to be a teacher, she truly is one in every sense of the word.  Through story-telling and the wisdom flowing from her lived experience, she radiates truth and impacts people at a healing soul level.

Medicine Wheel Workshop with Sister Dorothy Bob

In a recent Medicine Wheel workshop on Saturday, June 10th, Sister Dorothy’s gifts were recognized in a way that was totally inspiring and that brought healing into the lives of all those present. This workshop was sponsored by the Queenswood Holistic Healing and Spirituality Society and thanks to Elizabeth Eede who opened her Quiet Garden home to us, the sixteen people in attendance, experienced a powerful kind of transformative healing through Dorothy’s sensitive guidance.

In our morning session, Dorothy took us on a fascinating journey into her life’s experience where she shared a number of powerful teaching stories from her native tradition.  As she shared her wonderful stories, she acknowledged the impact that her great-grandmother Cecilia had upon her.  The group were profoundly moved by this great-grandmother who lived to the age of 106.

Dorothy then invited us to reflect upon and make our own Medicine Wheel to represent where we are at in our lives and what kind of healing each of us is in need of. We then shared Medicine Wheel cards in groups of two or three and in the afternoon session Dorothy, with her eagle feather, led us into a circle sharing. As each person spoke about their lived reality, we quickly came to realize that the grace of God’s Spirit was descending on us.  The day ended with a joy-filled circle dance led by Dorothy as she used her drum that had been gifted many years ago to her by the Sisters of Saint Ann.

It was indeed a day of celebration and since there were a number of people on the wait list, we hope to offer this workshop again.

Eileen Curteis, ssa


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