September 5, 2017

Again this year, the Sisters of St. Ann will be participating in the  Peace Quest Puppets for Peace event when the puppets and their puppeteers parade to Government House on September 24th to celebrate the UN International Day for Peace.  Julie Cormier,  who heads up the Peace Quest Initiative for the Sisters of St. Ann,   talked to me about the puppets, the parade and the involvement this year of First Nations’ artist Roy Henry Vickers.

As part of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, Peace Quest compiled a list of  “150 Canadians Who Contributed to Peace” . Julie has been working for a few years on peace-related projects at St. Joseph’s Elementary School in Victoria  where students in the “Peace Quest Club” chose 2 peace builders from the list and set to work. Helped by their teachers, Frances Harber (French specialist), Dianne Kelly (Grade 4) and Grace Higgins (Grade 6), and with the ongoing support of principal Simon Di Castri, the two puppets emerged from the workshop sessions.

Meet  the puppet likenesses of children’s author and peace activist,  Deborah Ellis  and  Viola Desmond who challenged racial segregation in Nova Scotia in 1946 when she refused to give up her seat at the movies.


Deborah Ellis Puppet


Viola Desmond Puppet

Viola Desmond Puppet


Julie explained that the parade this year focuses on four different causes for peace and justice:

  • celebrating First Nations’ culture and storytelling with Roy Henry Vickers’  Peacedancer ;
  • environmental justice with a depiction of the Salish Sea open to public participation;
  • the vibrancy of the diversity that is Canada through colours and banners; and
  • Canadian peacebuilders


The St. Joseph’s students are looking forward to the start of the new school year when they will be putting the finishing touches on the puppets before their grand appearance on September 24th.

If you would like to get involved, please CLICK HERE for more information about the Puppets for Peace 2017 timetable, puppet-making and general festivities.





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